2016 Casting Trendstodays casting 420

A4Ders were recently polled about 4 important questions: How many auditions a month can you expect to attend? How often will you be required to free-style? Sing? Or perform in heels?

The answers are encouraging. Definite improvements over 2015.
The number of auditions you can expect? 35% reported attending ’10 OR MORE!’ That means that one-third of all A4Ders averaged 2-3 auditions a week! A major improvement over 2015 when only one out of ten attended ’10 OR MORE’ auditions. What a difference a year can make!

SINGING REQUIREMENTS AT ALL AUDITIONS spiked an additional 6% over the previous year reaching the 24% level. That’s close to one out of four auditions, folks. Warm up those vocal cords, baby.

PERFORMING IN HEELS AT AUDITIONS zoomed from a healthy 47% in 2015 to an ultra-strong 75% this year. Proof that employers want to see you perform in heels before they’re willing to hire you.

JOB PREFERENCES: Once again, Broadway Musicals was at the top of the preferred job list. This year, it added an extra 17%... bumping last year’s 71% up to 88% this year.

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