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Your favorite dancer is longing to work as a professional dancer in New York and Hollywood. She (or he) needs your support, encouragement, and understanding. How do you do that? Once you’re armed with realistic info, you’ll understand many of the choices and challenges your child is facing. The more you know, the easier it will be to support your child in making the right choices.

Practical concerns come up in every family…like dealing with housing and living costs when there may not be a steady flow of dollars. Then there’s the list of tools every dancer is looking at (a training plan, agent representation, multiple dance styles, an awareness of industry trends, a healthy life style, technology devices and the costs of maintaining them). How do the pros get all of that together? The answers on A4D are easy to follow and apply. Come and get ‘em.

So Many Great Options!

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Seeing the full menu will get you closer to targeting the jobs that are right for you. Each comes with its own set of guidelines and salary structures. Some provide health and pension benefits. Some don’t. Some are unionized. Some aren’t. Some will provide traveling experiences for you. Some won’t. Exciting choices up ahead. And all of them are in the right person’s hands. Yours.

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