Kara Zacconi


I dance for a specific moment. It's that moment where you are behind the wings, you hear your musical cue coming up, you have a nervousness about you that makes sense to your body, and all you have is a split second to either fight or flight. It's do or die. You must dance. You get onto the stage and it's the most freeing, scariest, whirl-wind feeling all rolled up into one. You are dancing. You are performing. I believe that anything is possible on stage. I believe that technique is very important to have as a professional dancer but so are guts and charisma. The struggle as working artists and how we get rejected, kicked down, looked over, is something I am thankful for because it has taught me so much about who I am as a person and it has provided me with the thickest, most toughest skin on the planet. I chose this lifestyle, struggle, joy, and this passion. I am very thankful to have a wonderful community of friends who dance as well as being a part of A4D. Being supported by your fellow peers, proteges, and friends is enough wind beneath your wings to enable you to reach any goal.

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Kara Zacconi

New York

United States

Jordan, Dill & Dornbaum Talent Agency

• Music Video for Sky Silvers
• Top 100 Live Performance (Dancer)
• Music Video for Trujillo 'El Jaffe ven ven Dimelo'
• Flash Mob for the web series (LA 2011 nominee) "Landing in Mumbai"
• Freelance position with Rococo/rx under Rachel Cohen
• Dancer for Christopher Caines at an art gallery opening in Soho
• Radio Promo Tour with Universal Music Group artist

Spanish, Middle Eastern, Jewish, Greek, Italian

18-25 years

5' 7"

Top Booker

Orlando Ballet Theatre, Alabama Ballet, Florida State University, STEPS on Broadway, Dance New Amsterdam 

Ballet, Contemporary Jazz, Classical Modern (Graham Technique), Hip Hop, Street Jazz, House/Vogueing

Swimming, Ice Skating, All Recreational Sports (yes football!), Teaching, Yoga, Acting, Fashion Styling, Crafts, Scuba, Snowboarding, Horseback Riding, Sailing, Wake Boarding, Cooking