Yep. It's true. Feeback is Invaluable.

Editing ideas from other members are the tip of the iceberg. Often, we’ve watched members apply feedback to 4 minutes of ‘reasonable’ footage and transform what they've got into 90 dazzling seconds of ‘making-them-sit-up-and-take-notice’ killer reels. Yep. That’s what we have here.

Ready To Take It On?

The process to achieving an effective reel is a layered one. Posting footage and applying the feedback you get is the payoff. By the time you’re closing in on the reel you want…reactions from other members will probably confirm you’re well on the way to a reel that TRULY represents you.

Getting Started.

Before posting, we suggest reviewing recent reels that are currently in the pipeline. You will enjoy watching these beauties. Check out these Killer Reels for ideas and inspiration.

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