Madison Fregosi- Pumpfidence

Pumpfidence Industry Intensive, Brinn Nicole Gooch Choreo- Please Don't Stop the Music

Madison Fregosi - Commercial Jazz - Heels

No Copyright infringement intended, Tiffanie Carson choreo

Madison Fregosi- Jazz, Let Me Think About It

Madison Fregosi, Tiffanie Carson Choreography. No copyright infringement intended.

Madison Fregosi- Dance Reel

Madison Fregosi - Dear Mom

This performance (doesn't) cut corners.... It (is) real. It (is a) raw look into what it (looks) like to be a mother during active addiction (of her...

Lost Without You Madison Fregosi

No copyright infringement intended, choreography by Tiffanie Carson - tcarsonchoreo at Shenandoah Conservatory

Madison Fregosi- Millenium Dance Complex

Choreography by Taiwan Williams., @mdcdance

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Madison Fregosi- Filthy

2/27/18 - tcarsonchoreo - Tiffanie Carson. No copyright infringement intended

Madison Fregosi- Cure

2/13/18 Tiffanie K Carson (TCarsonChoreo) No Copyright Infringement Intended

Madison Fregosi- Mi Gente

1/25/18 tcarsonchoreo, Tiffanie Carson choreography, No copyright infringement intended.

Madison Fregosi - In the Middle

3/15/18 tcarsonchoreo, Tiffanie K Carson choreography- no copyright infringement intended.

Madison Fregosi- What Kind of Man

Tiffanie K Carson (TCarsonChoreo). No copyright infringement intended. 04/05/18

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