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Malachi is a triple-threat dancer who graduated from Viterbo University with a Musical Theatre Degree. He is trained in Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Contemporary/Modern, Jazz, and Tap. He has extensive experience as a dancer and model in many Las Vegas venues including working as an Amazon dancer with Cirque Du Soleil, he performed at a PHISH concert at the MGM Grand Arena and apperead in Showstoppers at the Wynn Hotel Casino and Resort. He also has choreography and teaching experience. Malachi is signed with Clear Talent Group. View Malachi's Resume.

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Malachi Durant


United States

Clear Talent Group
(818) 509-0121

• Cirque Du Soleil, Amazon Dancer
• PHISH concert, MGM Grand Arena
• Vegas! The Show, Dancer, Planet Hollywood
• Showstoppers, Wynn Hotel Casino Resort 
• Paul Mitchell Industrial, Aria Hotel and Resort 
• Dancer for Will Thomas, Latin Grammys 

African American

20-27 years


Viterbo University with a Musical Theatre Degree, Voice with Gary Moss, Scene training with Dana McConnell. 

JHip Hop, Musical Theatre, Contemporary/ Modern, Jazz, Tap. Additional training in aerial, acrobatics, and parkour.

Aerial, Parkour, Beat boxing, Acrobatics, Russian Toe Touch, Karate Kicks, Pop & Locking, Gliding, Body Isolations, British Accent, Irish Accent, Break Dancing.

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