Dancers To Watch


Gregory Omar Osborne laughs. A lot. A big, easy, un-selfconscious laugh that's hella contagious. He is one happy guy. And he has every reason to be. Gregory has steered his way to a career that's taken him to multiple cities, states, and countries. You can read more about Gregory's story below in his Dancer To Watch profile that follows.

Gregory just produced his own one-man cabaret show in New York City. Here's a bit of the show.

Working non-stop since he left college, Gregory's made a steady living on cruises, regional and Equity theaters around the country, and professional dance companies. He's a self-starter who loves his life and his work. He almost makes it all seem easy, but that's the beauty of Gregory. He's put in the work to make it all happen. He knows who he is. We want you to know who he is too.

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