12 Careers For Dancers

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You signed your dancer up for their first class. Now they want more.

Your favorite dancer longs to work as a professional dancer in New York and Hollywood. She needs your support, encouragement, and understanding. How do you provide it?

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How Much Dancers Earn

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A Chorus Line

Curious about how much dancers earn? And how much do different types of dance jobs pay? Read more about different types of jobs here...

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Suzy Talks 2 Parents

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Suzy Miller Answers Your Most Pressing Questions

Suzy Miller is an award-winning choreographer, educator, videographer, and dance-mom. She’s dealt with every aspect of the dance profession.

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Anxious About Moving?

big move
Broadway or LA? How to handle the Big Move

A dancer contacted us with this question: "I really want to be a professional dancer. Where I live is not exactly "the place to be." Find out how fellow dancers dealt with this issue in their career.

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Good Stuff Happens Here

jason good stuffJason Wise, choreographer

Any professional gaining success in the big city will confirm that a creative mindset makes an amazing difference in navigating the job scene...

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What About College?

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Wondering if you should go to college?

Many dancers who graduated college have enjoyed successful careers. For every successful pro that swears by their college education, there are just as many who've made it without one.

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How Important is Ballet?

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Does your child really need ballet to succeed?

Ballet is the foundation of all dance. Jerome Robbins told Grover if he wanted a successful Broadway career, he'd have to take more ballet. Six months later...

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