Self Tape Performance Tips

self tape
Performance ideas for self tape audition submissions.

Nearly every audition begins with a self tape. But what about how you perform the combination? Grover Dale has great tips for dancers.

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Self Tape Tips 4 Beginners

self tape
Creating self tape audition submissions in a post COVID world.

The world of auditions has changed in the wake of the industry shutdown. Nearly every audition begins with a self tape. Here's a guide to teach you how.

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How 2 Overcome Audition Fears

fear auditions
Tips for navigating the pressure of auditions

Here are three key takeaways that you can implement today to become more confident—and more resilient at auditions. Walk into your next audition with new confidence.

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Get Discovered 1940's Style

get discovered page header
The famous Hollywood Schwab's Pharmacy

Once upon a time, there was a famous drug store in the heart of Hollywood called “Schwab’s.” It became a hangout for Hollywood hopefuls and has a rich heritage!

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Grover Talks 2 Dancers

grover talks
The Whole Nine Yards

After 4 decades of booking ‘dream jobs,’ Grover Dale still shares the advantages he learned throughout his amazing professional journey.

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Fitness Means More Money

dancer fitness
Alex Sturrup, member since 2010

Taking care of your body is the best investment you can make in yourself. Staying in shape translates into more jobs and may require more than just going to dance class.

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12 Careers For Dancers

here students
Ailvin Ailey Intensive

Dance! It’s all you eat, breathe, think, and dream about. You may still be living with your parents … or still in high school… but you know dance is It for you. You want to go for it.

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Are You Ready?

page header are you ready
Kyra Kennaugh, member since 2017

A satisfying dance career requires more than strong dance skills, passion, and good looks. We grow to understand that "working dancers" are actually independent contractors.

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Killer Headshots

killer headshots 420
Antonio Martinez, member '10     NaTonia Monet, member '11

You need a great headshot for auditions and online submissions. Make sure yours is the best it can be. Check out these killer headshots and photographer info...

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Resume Samples

resume header
Tips for creating a dance resume

You need a professional resume for auditions and online submissions. Make sure yours is the best it can be. Check out these helpful resume samples pros use...

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Killer Reels

killer reels header
Sarah Kaye, member since 2013

An effective dance reel is one of your most important tools for getting noticed and even booking a job. Many of our members have booked from their reels developed here...

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