Tools 4 Racial Justice

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Resources to learn about racial justice

Answers4dancers has compiled this resource to help you learn about the history and background behind racial divide we are currently facing.

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Performance Boosters

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A powerful performance by Melanie Moore

Strong performances will get choreographers to notice you, but attracting that attention often depends on the emotional wattage you bring to those performances.

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Get Discovered 1940's Style

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The famous Hollywood Schwab's Pharmacy

Once upon a time, there was a famous drug store in the heart of Hollywood called “Schwab’s.” It became a hangout for Hollywood hopefuls and has a rich heritage!

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12 Careers For Dancers

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Ailvin Ailey Intensive

Dance! It’s all you eat, breathe, think, and dream about. You may still be living with your parents … or still in high school… but you know dance is It for you. You want to go for it.

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88 Assets Pros Rely On

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Stephani Kammer, Janet Jackson Dancer/Educator

Forward, backward, inside, and out ... working pros know what works at auditions. When asked tough questions about booking jobs, they delivered an earful.  

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Choreo Turn-Ons

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Mia Michaels, A-List Choreographer

Making yourself valuable on-the-job is an advantage. When these choreographers see it happening, you become a candidate for every gig they do.

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Killer Reels

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Sarah Kaye, member since 2013

An effective dance reel is one of your most important tools for getting noticed and even booking a job. Many of our members have booked from their reels developed here...

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Train & Gain

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Teaching Choreographers Liz Imperio & Jason Wise

Every time a working choreographer steps into a classroom is a unique opportunity for dancers. Inevitably, what surfaces goes WAY BEYOND dance technique.

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Impress A Choreographer

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What are choreographers looking for?

In this series, you will hear from choreographers in their own words sharing what they look for in dancers. First up is the Academy Award winning director of 'Chicago,' Rob Marshall.

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You might like this great info too

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