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sag aftra guidelinesBIG WINS/NEW RULES.

Booking feature films or multiple episodes of a TV series is ‘BIG NEWS’ in today’s marketplace. And so are the COVID-19-related rules attached to them. Bookings are quietly beginning to percolate. So fasten your seatbelts, A4Ders. A team of solution seekers at Answers4dancers will walk you through thirteen flash points every working professional should be thoroughly and completely aware of.

covid testing#1. Every member of the cast and crew should expect to be tested for active Covid-19 infection before their first day of work to ensure they are not spreading the virus. Cast and crew members will then be subject to regular testing protocols during the course of their work on the production. You may be tested up to 28-14 days prior to traveling to each booking.

#2. Throughout production, testing will be repeated as many as three times a week. The production may decide to increase the frequency of testing regimen at any time at producer’s discretion.

#3. ZOOM meetings will be used as appropriate and are likely be held to review travel protocols.

travel mask#4. While traveling, mask use is required in all airports and onboard all commercial aircraft. Practice social distancing at security lines and when boarding. If you must wait before a flight, find a vacant gate or other area where you can distance yourself from others. During air flights, it’s recommended to choose a window seat to avoid aisle traffic.

#5. It’s recommended that you eat prior to travel so you don’t need to remove your mask during flights.

#6. If an extended hotel stay is involved, specific guidelines must be followed. Upon arrival, cast will self-quarantine for 7 days. Avoiding contact with the general public is essential. Gatherings in public places, dine-in restaurants, or visitors in your accommodations must be avoided. During the quarantine period, cleaning staff will not be allowed to enter until after the quarantine period has been completed. Any requests for linens, towels, etc. should be placed with the hotel office and left outside the door for traveler to collect.

#7. On set, cast members will be required to wear disposable masks or any protective gear chosen by production.

#8. Cast trailers will be cleaned, disinfected, and fogged each day prior to arrival. It is important to maintain proper distancing, practice good hand hygiene, and to wear face coverings when around others.

stop visitors#9. No visitors, friends, or family members are allowed on any production locations.

#10. On the set, all cast members and crew will wear proper PPE. Before cameras roll, cast members will remove any PPE they are wearing.

food on set covid#11. Production will provide food and beverages, sanitized, and individually wrapped. All food from catering/craft services will be pre-boxed or individually wrapped. Meal selections may be ordered the day prior. Cast is not permitted to eat at dine-in restaurants. Takeout services offering “no contact” delivery only are permissible exception.

#12. Scripts and schedules will be emailed. It is recommended that cast members use iPhones, iPads, or tablets rather than hard copies. No SIDES will be allowed on the set.

#13. Hair and Make Up (MU) will take place in the Hair/MU trailer. Hair/MU crew will be in full PPE, and the performer must wear PPE until it is necessary to remove it for Hair/MU application. Each Hair/MU station will be properly distanced from each other. Hair and makeup personnel will use personalized kits and single-use applicators for each actor to minimize cross contamination.

hair mu covidAll beauty, personal care, hair, makeup and wardrobe personnel interacting with cast must wear all appropriate PPE (face shield, disposable mask, covering garment/smock, and, when appropriate, gloves).

Wardrobe will be delivered clean and sanitized to the cast trailer(s). Performer will dress themself. The Costume Supervisor will approve the look from an appropriate social distance.

This list will equip you with general information of what to expect on set. Each production may require additional modifications. We recommend you review complete guidelines from SAG-AFTRA's website so you will be as prepared as possible.

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