12 Careers For Dancers

greg dream2
Teaching ballet fundamentals

To prepare your students before making the big leap into the marketplace you can help them focus on motivating moves taught in class and improving their ability to pick up quickly.

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The Art in Hip Hop

art hip hop
Kevin Stea, dancer/choreographer shares thoughts on Hip Hop

Kevin Stea has danced for big names in the biz, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Cher, Christina Aguilera. Here are his thoughts on hip hop.

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Train & Gain

train gain header
Teaching Choreographers Liz Imperio & Jason Wise

Every time a working choreographer steps into a classroom is a unique opportunity for dancers. Inevitably, what surfaces goes WAY BEYOND dance technique.

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Pros on Training

what choro think
Marty Kudelka & Brian Friedman, chorographers

Training happens everywhere... on-the-job, behind-the-scenes, casting calls, dance studios, workshops, and here on A4D. Here's an inside look at "training" from the pros'...

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Impress A Choreographer

what choreo want
What are choreographers looking for?

In this series, you will hear from choreographers in their own words sharing what they look for in dancers. First up is Academy Award winning choreographer Rob Marshall.

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Pros on Teachers

pros teach
Jessica Castro, pro dancer

There is nothing like that special bond that happens between a dancer and a favorite teacher. Here's what they pros have to say about how their teachers influenced their lives. 

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