Krystina Burton Books National Commercial

krystinaarrow copyAs featured in the November 8, 2021 DanceBlast, here's Krystina's story of booking a national commercial and how she never lets up looking for job opportunities no matter where she is on the globe! Watch the commercial here (Krystina is wearing a chartreuse jumpsuit and long green gloves) and then read the whole story below the video! Enjoy!


Always be ready. That’s the approach A4D’s Krystina Burton takes for her dance career. Even while on a recent trip to Greece, she continued to check audition opportunities. She saw a listing to dance in a commercial and carved out time to create her submission. Here’s the rest of the story:

A4D: How did you book this national commercial?

Krystina: I found the casting online. There was a combo to learn and then submit. I was actually on vacation when I saw the listing. I’m always checking audition sites no matter when or where; always on the grind!

A4D: Had you submitted self-tape submissions before this one?

I have submitted self-tapes before and surprisingly some of those were harder as I only had the living room of my apartment. For this submission, I shot it pool side outside the villa I was staying at in Greece. The directions were very clear and concise, and honestly, the most difficult part was the elements; it was an extremely hot day so I worked really hard to perfect it in as few takes as possible.A4D: What does this mean to your career? Do you want to do more on-camera work?

Krystina: This is a really exciting step for my career! With this commercial, I was finally able to work with Al Blackstone, which along with the amazing cast and creatives, was an absolute dream. I’ve been wanting to break into the commercial world and do more modeling for some time now and the opportunities recently started to present themselves. I hope this is only the start and there will be many more to come!

Congratulations to Krystina! She did an incredible job for this dance-centric holiday commercial for Neiman Marcus called ‘Celebrate Big, Love Even Bigger’ - Today, we celebrate you, Krystina for a job well done!


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