5 Tips For Aspiring Dancers

aspiring dancers
Taryn-Elle Faustman, member since 2012

Here are some basics every aspiring dancer should keep in mind to help reach their goals. Make sure to follow these five tips for your career.

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Gotta Dance Decision

gotta dance
Grover Dale and George Chakiris in "Young Girls of Rochefort"

For many dancers, there's a moment when they realize dancing is not just a dream, but it's something that triggers a 'gotta-dance' decision.

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Grover Talks 2 Dancers

grover talks
Get the world's best career advice from Grover Dale

Grover Dale's long career as a dancer, actor, choreographer, writer, and director is a great asset for dancers. See how he continues to encourage a new generation with great advice

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12 Careers For Dancers

here students
Ailvin Ailey Intensive

Dance! It’s all you eat, breathe, think, and dream about. You may still be living with your parents … or still in high school… but you know dance is It for you. You want to go for it.

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Goal Setting

setting goals
Alissa Tucker, member since 2013

Effective goals are specific, realistic, and time-based. To ensure that your goal has all three, ask yourself a few questions and create a roadmap that will help you get you started.

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Are You Ready?

page header are you ready
Kyra Kennaugh, member since 2017

A satisfying dance career requires more than strong dance skills, passion, and good looks. We grow to understand that "working dancers" are actually independent contractors.

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Dream Big

dream big melissa
Melissa James, member since 2015

Don’t waste time wishing and wondering. Take class. Gather info. Show up at auditions. See what choreos are responding to. Find out if you’re on the right track...

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Feeling Stuck @ Home?

feeling stuck
Erica Rose Cohen, member since 2014

Are you serious about going "pro"? There are opportunities waiting for you right now near where you live. Check out tips on how you can work on your career from home.

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Slow At Picking Up Steps

slow steps
Millennium Dance Complex, Los Angeles

You may need help with your ability to pick up steps quickly. One good way is take extra classes (out of your comfort zone) where duplicating the moves is challenging.

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What About College?

about college2
Wondering if you should go to college?

Many dancers who graduated college have enjoyed successful careers. For every successful pro that swears by their college education, there are just as many who've made it without one.

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