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'The passion that leads us to this decision has its own way of tapping us on the shoulder. A satisfying ‘shuffle-off-to-Buffalo' or an exceptional performing experience' is all it takes to trigger a ‘gotta-dance’ moment.

In a word, we’re hooked. We board the train. Arrival times are in our hands. Expectations, hopes, doubts, and questions blast their way up to the surface. Am I crazy for thinking I can do this? Is any of it within my reach? Can enough money be made to support myself and this thing I love doing?

Life-altering decisions will be made. By one person. So yes. Answers come in handy. They are… and always will be…worth searching for.' – GROVER DALE

‘You don’t know how timely this is! Thank you!’ - CAROLYN N.

‘What a wonderful way to capture the desire to dance!’ – MARYANN P.

‘Although this is directed to dancers, the advice is usable for anyone trying to achieve what they love doing.’ – DREY S.




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