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Whether you are an aspiring dancer, just starting a dance career, or you are already on your way to being an established dancer, there are some basics to keep in mind that can help you achieve your goals. We checked this list with Grover Dale, whose offers hundreds of new dance audition listings. He's been a fixture in the dance scene for six decades and offered up these important pieces of advice to help start or propel any dance career.

Always Be Learning – Be it through dance class or workshops, there is value in expanding your skills and pushing your limits. Don’t just focus on the style of dance you are most comfortable with or interested in. Take ballet class even if you don’t plan on being a ballet dancer because every style of dance can offer you moves, perspective, and strength that builds your technical base while enhancing your abilities with other dance styles. Fill your toolbox with a range of skills and you will become a better dancer. Directors, agents, and choreographers will take note of and value your diversity and range.

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