What They Say About Us


"If smart is the new sexy... Answers4Dancers is a total turn-on!"

-Cami D. from San Jose, CA

"This is the best investment any dancer can make.

Keep it up Mr. Dale! You are truly a blessing."

-Riesha from Bloomington, IN


"Thanks to your great website, I recently joined the National Tour of Wicked!”                  

- Karla G from Brooklyn, NY

"Just booked "The Marquee." Found the audition on your website and booked it! Thank you!"                                          

- Kristie R from Santa Monica, CA

"Thank God I found this site. I've learned so many crucial things!" 

- D Fischetti from Long Island, NY

"This is the top of the line info in the industry.  I don't know what I'd do without it!"

- Riesha from Bloomington, IN

"I've gotten three jobs through your listings!  Thank you!"

- Ashley from Princeton, NJ

"A4D has become "Job Central" for dancers. Look what you've done

for us, Grover...!"

- Dave from Denver, CO

"This site is just what the doctor ordered for all of us trying to achieve our dreams..."

- Shayke from Seattle, WA

"Knowledge is power and your website is giving a lot of dancers power..."

- Melinda from Chicago, IL

"Grover... you rock! You are performing a marvelous service for the Youth of America.!"

- Lea Wolf, Dance Magazine

"By helping so many dancers realize their dreams, yours have come true, too.  Congratulatios, Grover!"

- Julie McDonald, Co-founder McDonald Selznick Associates



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