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Everybody Dance is a documentary film that follows the everyday life of children with different disabilities and explores how ballet changed their lives. The film is available on digital platforms including Amazon Prime, AppleTV, and Google Play. This film also features I Will Make Thunder, a new song sung by Bonnie Milligan and written by Lynne Shankel. Watch the interview below:

Everybody Dance
spotlights five kids and their dance teacher at the Ballet For All Kids dance studio in Agoura Hills, California. We watch them prepare for an emotional dance recital, showcasing the power of dance and how it gives children the opportunity to feel capable and in control, while teaching social skills, discipline, and focus.

The documentary highlights the challenges, obstacles, and emotions that children feel as they approach their dance recital. The film follows them on a journey of self-discovery, dedication, achievement, and dance.

Everybody Dance was directed by Dan Watt and produced by Watt and Isaiah Camp. Howard Barish and Mike Nell served as executive producers. You can find the movie on Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play, and more. Many thanks to Tonya Kay for hosting this important interview for Answers4dancers. We are grateful for her incredible interviewing talent that was evident throughout the conversation.


Ballet For All Kids is a nonprofit program that teaches classical ballet technique and other dance styles using the Schlachte Method - a certified curriculum developed to accommodate all abilities, body types, and learning styles. They offer virtual and in-person dance classes for all ages, including teens and adults. Be sure to visit Ballet For All Kids at for more information about the studio or to donate to this vital program.

Bonnie Schlachte, founder of Ballet for All Kids, has spent the past 25 years developing and implementing a proven method of learning for effectively teaching the arts to individuals of all abilities and learning styles in an inclusive environment focusing on the strength of each individual student.

danwattDirector Dan Watt: Beginning his professional life as a dancer and choreographer, Dan went on to work with stars like Bea Arthur, Ben Vereen, Carol Channing, and Simon Cowell, as well as in film development at Columbia Pictures. A few years ago, he made the decision to tell the stories that HE wanted to tell – with a focus on exploring the human experience, humanity, and social issues. In choosing a subject for his debut effort as a director and producer, Dan reflected on his fascination with people who study the arts but don’t make it their profession. He hopes Everybody Dance will enlighten and shine a light on the importance of inclusion and accessibility, and how studying the arts leaves everyone with skills that help us in day to day life like discipline and focus.


tonyakHost Tonya Kay: Many A4D fans will recognize Tonya from all of the video interviews she did for us over the years at different events and workshops. Her dynamite career has landed her appearances in blockbusters films, The Lone Ranger (Disney) and The Muppets (Disney). Her leading film roles include The Journey of Lucy (Best Actress, Cannes World ff), Dark Space (SyFy), and Saving My Baby (Lifetime Movies). On TV, she’s recurred on Glee (FOX) and dazzled viewers on Animal Kingdom (TNT), The Fosters (Freeform), Jane The Virgin (TBS), and Criminal Minds (ABC). Her televised series regular roles include Video Game Reunion (Comedy Central) and Puppet Master lV (El Rey). 


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