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Dancer To Watch: Rachel Perlman

We are pleased to introduce you to Rachel Perlman: A Dancer To Watch
In an interview with A4D's Suzy Miller

From the first hello, I hear it - happy, friendly, full of life, even though I just woke her up. (Theater hours, my friends.) The voice matches the photos on her A4D profile; this is a dancer who loves her life, heck, who loves life in general. Her passion is musical theater, and her tips for going pro are must-reads for all aspiring dancers. She can articulate what she’s learned from each job, sets specific goals, and understands the complicated puzzle pieces that have to fit to get the gigs. Timing, persistence and relationships are themes with this upbeat, steadfast dancer. Check out her photo video below, then read on to enter Rachel World, a magical, insightful, delightful place to be.

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