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Watch Stephanie in Old Navy National Commercial

Here's Stephanie's Dancer To Watch Profile as introduced by Suzy Miller who interviewed her:

I'm not gonna lie. Stephanie Scull is so ridiculously beautiful that I judged her. I thought I'd be speaking with someone who had it easy, who glided to success on her astonishing looks.

Instead I found a brilliant, plucky, grounded dancer who takes nothing for granted.

She's a humble but accomplished hyphenate - dancer, designer, and print model. In college, she interned with Ralph Lauren, Ellie Saab, and Project Runway. Then she hit the New York dance scene and began her dance career. Recently, she took a chance; she flew to LA to train and audition for one month - and what a month it was! With pragmatism and practicality, Stephanie strategized her way to a dance career in film, TV, music videos, and more. Hit the link below, then learn how she made it happen.

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