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kate social mediaAs a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance, A4D’s Kate Harpootlian became a master at keeping herself front-and-center. Her posts on FaceBook and Twitter are more than fun and uplifting. They attract eye-balls.

Wisely, Kate includes praise for friends like Travis Wall's Emmy win, the amazing makeup team on SYTYCD, over-the-top fashion statements, or a workshop she taught recently at EDGE Performing Arts Center.

Her choices are visually diverse - often allowing us to see a side to Kate that reveals her exuberance for dance. What choreographer can resist working with that?

Did she work at it? We don’t know. Is it instinctual? Maybe. We’re not sure. What we ARE sure of is – if Kate can stand out her way, you can stand out with yours. Media choices say a lot about us. Here’s some of hers.

kate social
travis kate
kate teach edge
kate sysycd finale


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