Best Agency 4 Dancers?agency good

GDHSgirl150Grover appeared in the film "Half A Sixpence" 1966.


Hi Grover,

I recently auditioned for two agencies in LA. And, much to my surprise, both want to talk to me further. I haven't acted quickly to sign with either. DDO also has an audition coming up soon, and I would like to audition for them as well. I don't want to come off as having a "Diva Attitude"... however, I just want to weigh my options, and do what's best for me. Are all of the agencies in LA about the same? I mean, do they all share the same opportunities, are certain ones better for commercial and video, etc. I know that MSA is a great agency, but I keep hearing great things about DDO and Bloc, which I don't know much about. Can you help me out?



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