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GDHSgirl150Grover appeared in the film "Half A Sixpence" 1966.


Hi Grover,

I recently auditioned for two agencies in LA. And, much to my surprise, both want to talk to me further. I haven't acted quickly to sign with either. DDO also has an audition coming up soon, and I would like to audition for them as well. I don't want to come off as having a "Diva Attitude"... however, I just want to weigh my options, and do what's best for me. Are all of the agencies in LA about the same? I mean, do they all share the same opportunities, are certain ones better for commercial and video, etc. I know that MSA is a great agency, but I keep hearing great things about DDO and Bloc, which I don't know much about. Can you help me out?




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Do all agents have equal access to job opportunities? Well...yes and no. Some choreographers prefer to hire dancers from their own agencies. Some dancers have been known to up their chances by choosing an agency that represents their favorite choreographers.

Be aware that the "biz" is built on relationships. Agents work long and hard to establish themselves with producers, production houses, and casting directors. The more effective they are at it, the stronger those relationships become. Those bonds often impact which agency gets called first (or called at all!) when casting needs come up. Get the picture?

The agencies you mentioned are among the best and are worth taking seriously.

Grover D.


GD Steele 150Grover and Tommy Steele in "Banjo" number from "Half A Sixpence"

Dear Grover,

I am 16, and I have been dancing for 7 years, and I have just fallen in love with it. I have had great training, both in my local dance studio and with LA teachers. I would like to pursue dance as a profession and since I live a little ways from Los Angeles, I am interested in getting an agent. Which agent would be best?

My teacher wants me to audition for MSA next month, because that's the agent he has, but I haven't really learned about any other agencies. Should I try DDO? Or is there even a better agency out there? I'm not sure which one I would like. Can you please help me?

Confused Dancer

Dear Confused,

First of all, they're all good. I know the task of finding the right match is a challenging one. Especially in L.A. where there are nine agencies. The one that works best for you can't be chosen by anyone except yourself. Do your homework. Since you take class in L.A., talk to other dancers. When you meet one who’s represented by an agency you’re interested in, pick their brains. Find out what's working for them and what isn’t. Are they in for the long haul or are they ready to switch? Ask, ask, ask.

Effective agent-client relationships depends on two people. You and the agent. Both contribute to the outcome. Investing time in the research is worthwhile.

Relax, give yourself a hug, and do that homework.

Grover D.




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