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by Grover Dale

For most of us, "getting ready" is built into our daily dancing lives. Whether it's getting ready for class, a rehearsal, a competition, an audition, or making a career leap, we know that "getting ready" requires preparation. Of course, luck can enter the picture and sometimes does. There's nothing wrong with wishing for it to happen. It just might. And then again, it might not. The truth is... focusing on luck tends to keep us in the wishing-and-hoping-mode far too long. If taking action is what counts, preparation is a lot more reliable. And it’s completely in our hands, where it should be. Job-readiness, here we come!

For the most part, we play all the roles. We're the dream weaver, the tool collector, the job hunter, and the marketing expert rolled into one. Sure, help comes from teachers, agents, and family, but essentially the journey is of our own making. In time, we realize that we’re ‘doing business’ in an industry where employers are simply more receptive to the ‘fully-prepared’ than the ‘under-prepared.’

How do the pros do it?

For answers, we went to the best sources we know. The following insights come from working dancers, choreographers, and agents.

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