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Dance! It’s all you eat, breathe, think, and dream about. You may still be living with your parents…or still in high school… but you know dance is for you. You want to go for it; work as a professional dancer as soon as you can, but you’re not sure where to begin. You want a path to follow, directions, a map.

Guess what? It’s right in front of you. A4d will do more than get you ready; it will introduce you to the pros, and the smart choices that launched their careers. Let’s get you started by introducing you to the job options pros around the world are enjoying today.

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So Many Great Options!

Seeing the full menu will get you closer to identifying jobs that are right for you. Each comes with its own set of guidelines and salary structures. Some provide health and pension benefits. Some don’t. Some are unionized. Some aren’t. Some will provide traveling experiences for you. Some won’t. Exciting choices up ahead. And all of them are in the right person’s hands. Yours.

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