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"If you can't act, don't even bother auditioning for me!" – Rob Marshall

Rob rehearsing Renee Zellweger during the shooting of "Chicago."

lead-in by Grover Dale

An Oscar "win" for directing the best picture of the year is big news. When it's taken home by a choreographer, it's even bigger news. Recall, if you will, the roar of approval that rang throughout the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on June 8, 2003 when Rob Marshall's name was announced as the recipient of the Academy's Best Director Award for the year!

Oh yes, that roar was magnificent. It was aimed at Rob's brilliant vision of bringing the Broadway classic "Chicago" to life on the silver screen. In front of millions, Rob was quick to acknowledge the contributions of his co-choreographer, his assistants, his wondrous team of dancers, and the impact that the late Bob Fosse had on his creativity. Generous soul that he is, Rob gave the Oscar back to the world he came from.

Rob's win was a win for anyone who has ever dreamed of dancing for a living. Evidence that dance can lead to multiple professions, even directing the best film of the year.

Since Rob and I shared a bit of professional history, I took the liberty of calling and asking him if he'd share some of his insights on auditions with our members. Without hesitating, he set his rigorous schedule aside for fifteen minutes and jumped right in. This is a man who cares. Maybe that's one reason why he's become a great director. Read on. Soak it up.

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