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GD_SC_CV150Grover, Sandra, and Christian offers insights on auditions.

Dear Grover,

I am very frustrated because I just returned from the Doggy's Angels audition at Millenium, and I didn't get it. It's only my third audition, and I don't have an agent yet. Are there any tips you might have for agent auditions? Is it about the look, because I saw a lot of cornrows, braids and doo-rags. Or is it about which group you go in? And is it more about the combo or the freestyling before it? Are agent auditions the same as regular auditions? I want representation. Please help me.


Talented and Jobless

Dear Talented and Jobless,

Agent auditions are different than gig auditions. When you audition for a job, you dress for the gig. As you already know, for Doggy's Angels you dress one way, and for a Target Wedding Cake commercial you dress another. Working dancers find out the casting requirements in advance and show up “camera ready" when possible.

Agents, on the other hand, are interested in your range of castability. Do you come across "street"? Do you come across "preppy"? Do you come across "wholesome"? Do you come across "militant and tough"? Or can you come across in multiple ways? In other words, how many auditions can they send you out on? The more gigs you're potentially right for, the more commissions you'll generate for the agency.

For agent calls, body-conscious apparel is best. No layers, no bulky add-ons. Do not use extreme make-up. Look fresh.  Show them how well you dance, be personable, follow directions, and bring some knowhow to the table. (plenty of knowhow is available on A4D)  Listen carefully.  Be ready to adjust to what they say they're looking for. Have extra wardrobe, hair, and make-up choices in your bag and be ready to make instant transformations if needed.

Show them what they want to see.  Keep in mind, there will be times when agents are looking for specific types (their client list may be short on tall women, muscular men, Latin types, perky blondes, etc.)  If you fit into the category they're looking for, great.  If not, don't give up.  They could invite you back for another call. 

Good luck,

Grover D.


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