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grover avatarGrover Recalls A Few Of His Own.

‘With three featured Broadway roles behind me... and a couple of daytime soaps... I paused to enjoy the rewards of six years of steady employment. The pause didn't last long.  An unexpected phone call from MGM Studios changed everything!' 

I was offered a featured role in 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown.'  

‘Getting cast as Debbie Reynold's brother 'Jam' happened in a single phone call. No audition. No screen test. No interview. No agent. No back-and-forth. Just one tidbit: Peter Gennaro's assurance that I was the right dancer to play Jam.  All I did was listen to the surprisingly good terms being offered me for showing up at MGM Studios and dancing my butt off for five months.  The 'yes' popped right out of my mouth.  Watch Grover's performance in this clip as featured in The DanceBlast!

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