Tools 4 Auditions

audition secrets

These insights will help you

1. What do I need to know about choreographers?

Due to the nature of creating movement from an inner place, choreographers are likely to be intuitive. Because casting decisions need to be made quickly (those darn production costs!), intuition often plays a role in choosing dancers. How does this impact auditions? It's smart to assume that even before you dance a step, the intuitive choreographer is picking up signals and evaluating you. How you walk in the door, drop your dance bag against the wall, and start warming up is giving off impressions of who you are and what you might be like to work with. Timidity, anxiety, sweetness, confidence, or arrogance communicate even as we gather to learn the first combination. The observant choreographer doesn't miss any of it, and the savviest of dancers know it.

2. Is it a mistake to audition too soon?

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