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Here's a follow up to Karma Stylz's incredible story of determination and creativity. You can read the entire story about how he booked a role on the FX series Pose, but first watch the new video below. The next part of his story includes how he booked a role on Episode 5 of Season 2.

Here's a video teaser of the Episode where we meet "Corey" who is part of a group of dancers who are auditioning for Madonna's "Blonde Ambition" Tour. You can see Karma in the opening sequence of this promo. It starts with dancers in an audition.

Karma is wearing the number 1 on his shirt. Then be sure to read the rest of his amazingly inspirational story how he went from arriving in New York City in 2015 with just a suitcase in his hand, no place to live, and no job... to finding himself booked on this FX television series!

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