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‘A4Ders are developing and securing new roles as writers, producers, filmmakers, career coaches, and lead performers. Our gut tells us they’re on a roll with little or no intention of slowing down. Progress like this is worth sharing. Who knows… the momentum they’re making could be more contagious than we think it is



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sarah headshot

Answers4dancers' own Sarah Kaye, a Dancer To Watch, traveled an interesting road to find her photo on the side of a van. It’s a story of networking, friendship, and relationship building!

In Sarah’s own words, she shares how she met photographer Jonathan Givens of Entertainment Photography Specialists on her first cruise ship contract eight years ago.

‘Jonathan was my first ever rigger. Little did I know he was also a budding photographer. He offered to do headshots for most of my cast to hone his skills in creating performer portraits. Before I knew it, he became a big deal entertainment photographer. I built a relationship with him over the years, having him do my dance shots and aerial shots, as well as my wedding and engagement photos.

Because of our friendship and networking, Jonathan knows he can call on me for his gigs… whether it’s demoing new aerial equipment, being the test shot kid with a new piece of photography equipment, or being his dance assistant on dance studio photo shoots. We keep each other in mind whenever we find a good fit for work.

So how did I end up on his van? Jonathan is doing the most amazing project called ‘Dance Across the U.S.A.’ where he’ll visit all 50 states and photograph dancers at national parks to share his passion for travel, the park system, and dance. I’m honored to be his first choice to represent New Jersey!’

For more on Dance Across the U.S.A., visit to read about this fascinating project. And don’t forget to check out Sarah’s story on Dancers To Watch.


nat greg hot story

NaTonia Monet and Gregory Omar Osborne ‘met’ on iDance2/Forum4Dancers about 6 years ago. They journeyed together through the early days of their professional careers and eventually both gained agent representation with MSA.

Their friendship grew after seeing each other at A4D networking events and workshops. They both booked work and traveled the country and across the globe. But they never had the chance to work together until this spring when they each booked the co-production of SISTER ACT at the Walnut Street Theatre and Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach, Florida. And that’s where they gained a whole new perspective on each other.

NaTonia: 'Gregory is a sweet and caring person. He helped with quick changes backstage and that wasn’t even his job. That says a lot about his character. I can't wait to see him in a show that will really showcase him as a true triple threat! He’s awesome!'

Gregory: 'I admire NaTonia’s energy on and off stage. ‘Powerhouse’ is what comes to mind. She puts her all into it. Beyond that, what amazes me is her drive to keep learning. Right before the curtain went up at our closing performance, I held her and said, 'I’m so happy I finally got the chance to work with you.'

NaTonia and Gregory joined Answers4dancers hoping to find dance auditions. But what they really found was a lasting friendship and a shared joy of living their dreams.


GroverBanner2014As a dancer, KATE HARPOOTLIAN went the distance in expressing herself during the 2015 season of SYTYCD. Joy, sizzle, sass, or burn. Just name it. Kate took us there. We were mesmerized by her performances. As a blogger, she was equally at home with expressing herself. Her words, like her moves, compelled us to stick around for more. What else is she capable of expressing? Today, she posted an essay on her Facebook page about ‘pursuing dreams.’ After reading it twice, I came to a decision. Kate’s writing is just as effective as her performing is. Have a read. You’ll probably agree with me.