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We're so lucky.  Witnessing the courage it takes to overcome setbacks and challenges is always enlightening.  When it comes from our community, it's beyond description.  For now, we'll grab the words of Amy Jordan and simply say...

Watch this movie trailer for Brian Thomas' documentary film about Amy Jordan and her incredible journey. Then continue reading the rest of Amy's story and how she has inspired countless others with her fearless approach to life!



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In the first video, AMY JORDAN’s courage and dedication will astonish you. She not only survived 18 surgeries after being run over by an NYC bus, she launched the Victory Dance Project where her choreographic inventions continue to thrive and be celebrated in front of audiences around the country. The Unsinkable Amy Jordan can be seen right here. 

Reactions to Amy's story have been pouring in. Here's a sampling:

brian gendece

'Inspiring and victorious! Congrats to all for producing this and raising my consciousness today. I can apply these principles in all that I do.'
- BRIAN GENDECE, west coast producer / advocate for dance

drey shepperd'Amy is a giant example of how strongly love can penetrate your thoughts and encourage your body to follow. A roadmap to climbing out of your rut, no matter what it might be...'
- DREY SHEPPARD, writer / dance enthusiast

david winters

'Amy is a total inspiration. Nothing can stop us when we make the right decision for ourselves...'
- DAVID WINTERS, independent film producer / actor / dancer

carol connors

'Wonderful and powerful! Thanks for sharing it.'
- CAROL CONNORS, The Edge Perf Arts Center

brian thomas

'Amy defies the odds. Working with her has been a priceless experience.'
- BRIAN THOMAS, Emmy-nominated choreographer

tyce diorio hs
'Amy's story reminds us that anything is possible once you put your mind to it.'
- TYCE DIORIO, award-winning choreographer

terry l gta


'What an inspiring message of the healing power of dance and positivity. Everyone should see Amy's story.'
- TERRY LINDHOLM, senior agent, GTA

Be sure to click here for more on Amy's Victory Dance Project!


brandon 3

Dancer BRANDON HUDSON shares how the loss of a job stimulated him into writing a song about the experience. His creative juices … and desire to heal himself … didn’t stop there. He went on to produce, stage, and direct the song’s performance platform that advanced him even further. BRANDON deserves status as a ‘Dancer To Watch.’ Quotes4Brandon


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