A4D’s Kim Ross Books with Royal Caribbean

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We’re excited to share the news that long-time A4D member, Kim Ross, booked with Royal Caribbean Cruises!.

Yes indeed… there’s work out there for determined dancers. We contacted Kim to get all the details. It’s a great read!

How did you book the job?

It’s a story we’re always told to be prepared for, but rarely happens. I was contacted via Instagram! Hector Ruiz, of the Headliner Magic Show with Royal Caribbean Cruises, was looking for a dancer last minute due to replacements. A colleague of mine who worked with him before passed along my IG account and voila! I sent my demo reel and casting profiles and I was hired. Networking and social media at its finest!

What are the positive effects of having this 'real' dance job?

These past months have been an intense struggle for all of us. This opportunity to perform and work again has been a huge blessing. It’s amazing to do what I love while being surrounded by so much talent at Royal Caribbean. I think that for many artists, it’s more than a job. Our work is closely tied to our identities, who we are, and often used as our emotional outlets. It was hard not to have that place to go to during the past 15 months. I’m extremely grateful for each moment on stage.

What do you recommend for dancers who feel it’s impossible to book work right now?

I recommend being gentle with yourself. There are so many things happening beyond your control. Do what you can, when you can. The things that are meant for you will not pass you by, even when the world feels upside down. Consistently, remind yourself you’re a dancer and an artist regardless if you have a contract or job. Dance when you’re inspired, dance when you’re angry, dance when you’re sad, and most importantly, dance when you have no idea what to do next. If there’s anything a dancer knows, it’s that… the magic is in the transitions. Each step leads to the next. Keep your ‘instrument’ in shape and your spirits high because the next job will find you.

What’s your best advice to our readers?

When the industry closed down, I asked myself who am I besides a dancer? I started to find all the ways I could still feel like an artist. Let’s be honest, I had to! I became aware of how important dance was to me and to my mental health. I was forced to grow and evolve in ways I never imagined. All the unforeseen, non-dance related events I experienced have unlocked new layers in my artistry.

Kim closed with this:

We’re all so much more than one thing or one job. I recommend keep going forward, whatever that means for you. I truly believe staying dedicated to my personal growth, while also staying open to learning new things, is what lead me to this opportunity. I feel very lucky to be working out at sea with Hector Ruiz on Odyssey of the Seas and the entire Royal Caribbean family!

Congratulations to Kim Ross from your Answers4dancers family. We’re so proud of you!

We’re excited to share the news that long-time A4D member, Kim Ross, booked with Royal Caribbean Cruises! Yes indeed… there’s work out there for determined dancers. We contacted Kim to get all the details. It’s a great read!