Self Tape Performance Tips

self tape tips
This is the second installment in a series to guide dancers through the audition process in a post covid world. One skill you will definitely need is how to self tape for audition submissions. 

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With the help of A4D founder and award-winning choreographer Grover Dale, we’ll explore more details on creating a self tape that will capture the attention of casting directors and choreographers.



A4D’s audition calendar is loaded with ‘audition combos’ posted by casting directors.  Shows, tours, cruises, TV jobs, you name it. Dancers are expected to learn the moves, record them, and submit performances. Within days, the outstanding submissions are chosen. The dancers are either booked or called in for an in-person audition.

Easy, breezy, right? Well, almost.

Sure, video submissions are valuable options for dancers. Casting directors supply the choreography and the music, but few, if any, provide the motive driving it. The fuel that drives the dance is essential. That option is entirely in your hands. Before activating your camera and recording your ‘go’ at the combo, you need a way of celebrating the movement. How in the heck do you do that?

A4D has answers for you to think about. Motives like these can lift the choreography into a state of shining. Give it a shot.

Motivate & Celebrate! 

1. I’m filled with personal pride for the country I live in.

2. I’m filled with personal delight for the steps I’m doing. 

3. I’m filled with personal relief for the grades I just earned.

4. I’m filled with personal satisfaction for the job I just got.


‘I like it. A beautiful idea, Grover.
Kids need to discover the ‘why!’

– Vincent Paterson, celebrity choreographer and acclaimed author of Icons & Instincts