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Look what A4D’s Dancer To Watch, Michelle West posted on FaceBook. She’s in the running to be on the cover of ‘Muscle & Fitness HERS’ magazine!

With the power of our DanceBlast family, we can vote Michelle into first place! After we voted for her, we asked how she found her passion for healthy living. Here’s what she shared with us!

Over the pandemic, when broadway closed its doors, I decided to go all into Fitness and Health. As I started to learn more about building muscle and nutrition, I realized that there is so much Misinformation out in the world about achieving the ‘dream body’ or how to live ‘optimally’.

Now as a Broadway performer, I and other performer friends of mine have heard all the false narratives before like: You’re too fat. You should go on a diet. Or, You need to run 5 miles a day to lose 15 lbs. There are so many dancers and performers trying to achieve the ideal ‘dream body’ but getting there in all the wrong ways. Dancers are seriously in trouble because we are over worked, over trained, and over stressed and the body is worn out.

My mission is to help these performers and others to find a healthy life/fitness balance. It is possible to not crash diet to get the body you want. You don’t have over train to stay lean. You can live an optimal life and love the skin you’re in at the same time.

So as I would love you to vote for me, know that your vote will help me accomplish my mission to help as many people as possible to live a healthier & happier life!




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