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Our recent IG Live with celebrity choreographer, Vincent Paterson was so phenomenal that we’re bringing you three installments. Part 2’s video is focused on the work.

And we’ll learn about the importance of the Choreographers Guild and what it means to the future of the industry.

Did you know that Vincent is restricted from using his own groundbreaking choreography and if he did, he could be sued? Yet the same choreography can be used by others and he receives no credit or recognition? And choreographers are not eligible to win an Oscar? The Choreographers Guild is working to rectify these issues and others.

We also find out if Vincent had one do-over in his career, would he change anything? Does he have a favorite project? And what’s The Manifesto all about?

If you missed it, Part 1 focused on Vincent’s early years and the behind-the-scenes stories from the Michael Jackson short film, Smooth Criminal. Today we present Part 2 of the interview for even more juicy details.

Again, thanks to A4D’s Dancer To Watch, Brandon Hudson for the interview with Vincent.




When the pandemic hit, my sister Lenaya Faustman and I used the downtime to create our own choreography company, LTCreatives. We shared our work with connections we made as performers over the years. Premium Group became interested and wanted to keep us in mind for future opportunities.

Fast forward to 2022. We received a message that Premium Group needed choreographers for performances at HIYA International Airport for the FIFA World Cup. And they wanted us!

It all happened very quickly, as they do in Qatar. My sister couldn’t join me on this journey because of a ship contract. My best friend Sophia Bebyck and performer/choreographer stepped in to take her place. We were on a tight schedule had to start creating, casting, and choreographing at a distance until I could arrive. We used video calls, WhatsApp messages, and mood boards to begin creating.

Our first performance was the countdown to the World Cup, 100 Days to Go until FIFA.

We will be creating shows once a month to be performed at the Airport. Once the World Cup officially kicks off in November, we’ll have performances twice a day for passengers arriving from all around the world to embrace the soccer spirit. Our contract will run until mid December, choreographing and creating all the shows as well as embracing the World Cup in Qatar.

Throughout my years as a dancer, training, performing, auditioning, and travelling, I have learned, it’s so important to keep connections with industry professionals. It sometimes comes down to who you know. Work hard and leave a memorable mark. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, showcase what you’re creating, so if an opportunity comes around, they remember you, and think of you for these moments.
Congratulations Taryn. This is exciting and we look forward to hearing more from you. And we had one last question for her… How has Answers4dancers helped in your career?

I joined A4D back when I was 19. It’s a beautiful place to network and join forces with fellow performers. It’s great to know there are other dancers out there who are feeling the same way you do… after all, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. A4D is a great way to learn and gain more insight into this crazy career we all love!


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